A-Team Services



Roof Cleanings

Rooftop cleaning can be offered for many different surfaces such as asphalt, barrel or clay tile, metal, concrete, and cedar shake to name a few, however 98% of what the A-Team services in rooftop cleaning is for asphalt tile or “shingle” rooftops.  When estimating or cleaning rooftops there are three main infestations or infections you will see:  Algae (black streaks), Moss (green, fluffy), and Lichen colonies (flat green or green-yellow patches).  They are all removed the same way with OUR Non-Pressure rooftop Cleaning System.  Our system is derived from a proprietary detergent that is mixed accordingly to the severity of every home’s infected area.  It is applied by two service technicians in accordance with OSHA laws and mandates, as well as, within the recommended parameters of the American Roof Manufacturer’s Association and A-Team’s own standards. 



Exterior Cleanings

The A-Team has been cleaning a multitude of substrates over the years to include but not limited to; brick, concrete, vinyl, wood, EIFS, stucco, aluminum, and a multitude of composites.  The approach is always the same- What is the least aggressive method that will produce the best outcome. We deal in Water, Detergent, and The Tools which safely and effectively remove unwanted "YUK" WITHOUT compromising the dexterity of YOUR home, office, or property.

Our detergents are non toxic and safe when handled by trained professionals. So whether we are offering:

          - A Standard House Wash

          - Brick or Paver Restoration

          - EIFS Restoration

          - Aluminum Brightening and more

Our many years of training and experience have developed a proprietary system for every substrate common to the area.  But even after all the knowledge and experience; the force behind our success is the passion. It's in the details-

- clearing the "J" channels

- washing behind the shutters

- pretreating and post treating before deep cleaning

- adding some wax to make that vinyl "pop"

"Exterior Cleanings"  are the "bread" AND the "butter" for the A-Team; we approach these projects with everyday with confidence and a genuine zeal.  We are substrate specialists; we are THE A-Team.



Custom Services

A-Team is willing and able to take on nearly any job that is requested of us. From deck restorations to sidewalk and asphalt repairs and washing and beyond. 

Deck Washing is similar to house washing, where the exterior deck is sprayed with a measured cleanser allowed to dwell and then rinsed off.