A-Team Services



Roof Cleanings

Rooftop cleaning can be offered for many different surfaces such as asphalt, barrel or clay tile, metal, concrete, and cedar shake to name a few, however 98% of what the A-Team services in rooftop cleaning is for asphalt tile or “shingle” rooftops.  When estimating or cleaning rooftops there are three main infestations or infections you will see:  Algae (black streaks), Moss (green, fluffy), and Lichen colonies (flat green or green-yellow patches).  They are all removed the same way with OUR Non-Pressure rooftop Cleaning System.  Our system is derived from a proprietary detergent that is mixed accordingly to the severity of every home’s infected area.  It is applied by two service technicians in accordance with OSHA laws and mandates, as well as, within the recommended parameters of the American Roof Manufacturer’s Association and A-Team’s own standards. 



Exterior Cleanings

There are two simple methodologies that the A-Team employs in breaking down dirt, grime, mold, moss, and more that's deteriorating the exterior of any building type: Power Washing and Soft Washing. 

Power Washing incorporates high pressure as a means to “strip” whatever stains, dirt, or grime are on any given substrate. Deck restoration and concrete cleaning are examples of this style of cleaning. Soft Washing utilizes the detergents or chemicals to break down the stains and soils over longer periods, and then rinsing is done to complete the task.  Roof cleaning is a perfect example of this technique.  A 5 gpm pump will deliver chemical at about 65-80 psi at the nozzle. There are ways to significantly lower the pressure of any cleaning task and also deliver a higher volume of chemicals, which is called x-jetting. This method will give the operator a variable pattern of spray from “jet” to “fan” all the while injecting chemicals at the end of the lance (not through the entire hose -down streaming).  Soft Washing is typically the preferred method for house washing. 




Custom Services

A-Team is willing and able to take on nearly any job that is requested of us. From deck restorations to sidewalk and asphalt repairs and washing and beyond. 

Deck Washing is similar to house washing, where the exterior deck is sprayed with a measured cleanser allowed to dwell and then rinsed off.