How to Rid Stubborn Moss and Lichen


Moss and Lichen growth come primarily from trees that are overhanging or too close to the house.  These organisms feed on both the limestone and the algae.  Not much needs to be said about them except that they are very stubborn and typically require a second treatment.  They have a larger more developed “tap root “ system; that like a claw grabs onto the shingle and will not release (without causing damage) until treated and given ample time to “dwell”.   They are removed by the same Non-Pressure system that is used for algae removal, again with the exception of a possible return trip to treat again.

Moss and lichen have a root system that will quickly displace roof shingle granular, compromising the shingle dexterity.  We get to the “root” of the problem with detergent saturation of these organisms at proper dilution.  Several applications ensures complete kill off.  As the organism decays (3-6 weeks) it will naturally fall off safely because of the root systems disintegration.  Sometimes another treatment is necessary in 6 weeks; this is covered under warranty.  No pressure or scrubbing should (or will) ever be used.